About Us

Applied Marine Sciences (AMS) is a small, science-based consulting firm with a proven track record in the environmental field.

AMS began in 1989, as a direct result of its efforts to support the assessment and remediation of sensitive ecosystems impacted by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Since its inception, AMS has expanded to provide advanced, scientific analysis in a wide array of ecological services areas for private industry, engineering consulting firms, non-profit organizations, academia, and public agencies at the local, state, federal, and international level.

Our senior staff average over 25 years of consulting experience in a broad range of marine, aquatic, and environmental engineering disciplines. AMS has supported the completion of hundreds of projects in San Francisco and Monterey Bays, and numerous other sites throughout California, nationally, and internationally with multi-matrix sampling, data analysis and interpretation, study design and project oversight, mitigation monitoring, CEQA/NEPA support, and permitting. With our wide-ranging contacts in academia, non-profit organizations, and regulatory agencies, we are also able to extend our service areas through collaboration with highly-qualified experts in a wide variety of supporting fields.

AMS Field Sampling

Our Staff

AMS maintains a small, highly qualified staff in order to provide timely, effective and efficient solutions for our clients. Our range of professional skills and experience in marine and aquatic science and engineering is impressive as our senior staff average over 25 years of consulting work.